Accelerated Pilot Program

At First Landings Aviation, we offer Accelerated CFI training, Accelerated Instrument training, Accelerated PPL training as well as Accelerated Commercial flight training programs which cater to students aiming to complete their certificates in a shorter period of time by training more frequently.

Sport Pilot

Our Sport Pilot Accelerated Program is an intensive 2-week course that gets you prepared for your FAA Sport Pilot certification. We aim to help you become a safe and competent pilot through our advanced training techniques, ready to pass the FAA practical test. Our facilities include a luxurious pilot’s lounge and area for students to study and work with each other while here.

Accelerated sport pilot training

Private Pilot

Our Private Pilot Accelerated Program is an intensive 3-week course that gets you prepared to become a safe and competent pilot through our advanced training techniques to help you achieve your FAA Private Pilot certification. Our facilities include a luxurious pilot’s lounge and area for students to study and work with each other while here, and get you read to pass the practical test.

Accelerated private pilot training

Instrument Rating

Our Accelerated IFR training program is an intensive 7-day course that when you’re finished, you’ll have gained solid experience in the real world of IFR. This course is intended for those serious about adding an instrument rating to their private license, and want to get it done fast and efficiently. This course assumes the student has a Private Pilot License and 50 hours of PIC cross country time, including at least 25 hours of simulated or actual instrument time. If more time is needed, the student will pay for the normal rental of the aircraft beyond the 15 hours.

Accelerated instrument pilot training

Career Pilot

The Accelerated Career Pilot Program is a full-time path to your pilot career. Once enrolled, you will experience an intense training curriculum that requires daily attendance. Your days will be filled with classroom-based academic ground school and flight instruction in our aircraft. Graduates of the Core Module will obtain all certificates and ratings required to become a fully qualified Commercial Pilot. The Instructor Module enables students to earn their flight instructor ratings, allowing them to increase their experience through flight instruction.

Accelerated career pilot training

Wondering how to pay?

First Landings offers financing options with the ability to finance 100% of your flight training for reasonable rates. The application process is fairly quick and most applicants have received short response times. Feel free to ask us questions about our partner financing programs.

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We offer a 1-hour discovery flight to give you the opportunity to experience taking to the air. A certified flight instructor will demonstrate preflight and flying techniques before you climb aboard, will taxi down the runway and before you know it, you are in the air! During the flight, you will have the opportunity to control the plane through the sky and try out several maneuvers before the pilot takes over again for landing. At the subsequent debriefing, guests pen their first logbook entry and review their performance.


“These group of pilots and trainers are professional and experienced. They have a diverse training staff. So whether it’s age, gender, or personality you are seeking then First Landings may be the place for you. As an executive of this firm my schedule is packed. The team here works with me all the time to ensure I have consistent flight time flying the aircraft I prefer. I am satisfied i choose them for my flight instruction. Come and try a discovery flight.“

- Mark Anderson

“I want to thank everyone on the first landings team for everything that they did for me to get me to my private pilots certification. Everyone was great to work with and be around. The energy they bring is awesome. I want to give a special shout out to Sean. I did most of my training with him. This guy knows his stuff! He has experience, professionalism and most of all patience. Awesome instructor.“

- Ryan Gonzalez

“Started my aviation training here and had an amazing experience. I was able to pass my written test and private pilots check-ride on the first attempt for both, due to the amazing training i received. They have very experienced flight instructors there that want to see you strive. The pricing is very reasonable and the aircraft are well maintained. Any issue I found they addressed it right away and get it safely resolved.“

- Bradley Doss

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If you have any questions about our school and programs or would like to schedule a tour please give us a call or send us a message. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams of flight.

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