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Start your journey at First Landings Aviation, earn your Private Pilot Certificate.

First Landings Aviation offers Private Pilot flight training in our light sport and standard category aircraft. If you’re a Sport Pilot looking to transition to a Private, we can make the transition easy and affordable. Have your sights set on the Private Pilot certificate?  We can help.

A Private Pilot certificate allows you to fly larger aircraft with higher load capacities and faster speeds, and also allows pilots to fly with less stringent visibility minimums and at night. Take the next step and earn your Private Pilot certificate with First Landings Aviation!



By training in a Light Sport aircraft we can significantly reduce your costs to earn a Private Pilot certificate.


 You can earn your Private Pilot certificate in as little as 3-weeks.  Our accelerated program is specially designed to get you done in a safe amount of time.


 Day or night, grab a couple friends and climb aboard for some fun flying adventures.  As a Private pilot a mile of runway can take you anywhere.

Private Pilot

We are experts in the aviation training industry.

First Landings Aviation has been training private pilots since May of 2009.  Our alumni come from nearly all 50 states, and several countries around the world.

Years in the Business

Opening in 2009, you can be confident we’ll be around for another 10 years.

Week private pilot course

Our accelerated Private Pilot course can be completed in as little as 3-weeks.  Call today to book your program.


Our current fleet of aircaft consist of Tecnam P92 Eaglets, Cessna 172, Cherokee 140, and Tecnam P2006t

Training Options

How to become a Private Pilot

At First Landings we try to cater our training to each individual student.  Depending on your schedule you may be interested in our self-paced training option or our accelerated immersion course.  You have the option to pay as you go or purchase our Private Pilot package and save 10%.  Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.




This course is designed for students with a busy lifestyle who want to make flying a part of it. You can schedule your flights as you have availablity. Make flying your new leisure activity. It’s completely up to you how long your program takes.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

Private Pilot Package

Private Pilot Package


First Landings Aviation developed the Private Pilot package to get you to your FAA Private Pilot requirements. This course will give you the knowledge and experience to earn your certificate and be a safe operating pilot in the aviation world. This package will save you time and money; pay for the course up-front and we’ll pay for your checkride, up to $700.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

Accelerated Course

Accelerated Course


Our Private Pilot Accelerated Program is an intensive 3-week course that gets you prepared to be a certificated FAA Private Pilot. First Landings Aviation prepares you to become a safe and competent pilot through our advanced training techniques. For 3-weeks all your efforts will concentrate on training you to be a safe, responsible, and experienced Private Pilot ready to pass the FAA practical test. Our facilities have a luxurious pilot’s lounge and area for students to study and work with each other while here.

NOTE: A $1000 deposit is required to book your 3 weeks of training and your training materials will be shipped to you. Weather is also a factor and may increase the required time to complete your training. This course requires complete time commitment and a full 21 days of training, plan to be at our facilities 8 hours per day for flight training, ground school, and studying.

As far back as I can remember I have always looked to the sky with the dream of being able to fly. There is just something within me that longs, no needs, to leave the grip of gravity and climb into the sky and soar among the clouds. The reality of my life is that I am a human and not a bird with great wings or a superhero with a long flowing cape. The reality is that is has taken me 38 years to finally achieve my dream of soaring with those great birds and superheroes. Just like most superheroes out there I had help. Sure I tried on my own quite a few years ago to learn to fly, but as many of you know, life happens, and the task was just too much to achieve on my own with the time, money and resources I had at the time.

In the summer of 2010, I stumbled upon First Landings Aviation. Adam and Chris invited me down to the hanger to explore all of the options First Landings had to offer. They went out of their way to make sure that I was comfortable, which is not very easy given my 6’6” stature. There are few light sport planes on the market today that can accommodate my physical size. They let me “try on” each of the planes to make sure I was comfortable in the cockpit.

The Apopka Airport (X04) is the ideal location to learn how to fly. It is close enough to be convenient, but far enough away from the major airports in Orlando so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of air traffic. It is also very close to the practice area so you don’t’ have to waste time just getting to where you need to be, but can immediately begin your lesson.

Learning to fly is more than finding a plane that you can fit in or a convenient airport. The real key to success in learning to fly is finding the right fit between you and your instructors. The personalities of all the instructors at First Landings fit extremely well with mine. The more I got to know the staff at First Landings, the more comfortable I was in my decision to learn under their guidance. The entire staff celebrated with me at every milestone and really made the entire experience special. I have really enjoyed my experience of learning to fly at First Landings, and I look forward to our continued relationship as I continue to learn and grow as a pilot. In this world where dreams are crushed everyday it is such a joy just to know the people at First Landings that helped me realize my dreams. There are simple not enough words to thanks enough to the entire staff.

– David Tindall

“Chris & Adam,

Let me start by thanking you for creating First Landings! You’ve made a place where the dream of flying is so attainable to the common man. Your specialization in Sport Pilot training and variety of LSA planes is truly hard to find. I could tell how much thought went into my training and safety. Flying out of Apopka allowed me to focus on just flying, making the transition to larger airports easy. Your training methods and style made me feel very comfortable, like I was just learning a new skill from a friend. I could tell how proud you were of every student’s accomplishments.

Since earning my wings with you, I’ve had many opportunities to share my experiences. Other private pilots have commented to me that they wished they could have started at a place like yours, easily and AFFORDABLY getting into the air. I don’t think that I would be flying today without First Landings. Thanks for all the hard work, diligence, and attention to detail that has enabled myself and all your students to become AVIATORS.”

– Lee Dixon

My first contact with First Landings started in the digital space.  I had just purchased an Icon A5 Sport Plane through the internet, but didn’t have the flying license to go with it.  Fortunately the guys at Icon advised me to look for a flying school that offered the new Sport Pilot Training, which would be easier to attain and probably work great with my Icon A5.

As I live in Amsterdam (Netherlands), I couldn’t just go visit the various flying schools and then make my decision.  How did I choose ? Chris and Adam responded to all my questions quickly, comprehensively, and offered to take me through all the stages step-by-step….which they did.

We had emailed and talked many times before me and my wife flew to Florida to start with the training.  What a great surprise when we arrived at Apopka Airport, to find these two highly professional, yet fun guys.

From day 1 the training in the air and on-the-ground was relaxed, although they made sure you 100% understood how to fly the plane as safely as possible. Because we had a pretty compact program, and the weather wasn’t all that, they proved highly flexible and made sure we got in the hours for our study and our flying.

They are dedicated to get the best out of you, and the fact that they understand all aspects of flying, makes you want to step-up to the plate.

I believe that Apopka Airport is one of the best airfields to start your training. After a few days it feels like you know the airfield inside and out, and you can fully concentrate on your take-offs and landings, without having to worry about a lot of other air traffic .

Not only did we have a great time learning to fly, we have become real flying-enthusiasts, and will be back next year to start with our Private Pilot License.

If you live in Europe, and are looking for a flight school that has the experience to get you through all the paperwork and then have you ace the theory and practical courses….don’t look any further….First Landings….it’s the place to be.

Thanks Chris and Adam. Next time at Chili’s….our treat!

– Chris and Irina Dijk

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