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To learn more about standard course offerings from First Landings, select a course from the list below. If what you are looking for is not included in the list or you would like to discuss a customized course of training, please contact us at info@firstlandings.com. International / non-U.S. citizen clients, click here for more information.

Sport pilot

Affordable, achievable and fun

Sport Pilot is for you!

The Sport Pilot certificate represents a new way to fly that is safe, fun, and more affordable. The Sport Pilot license allows those interested in flight to obtain their rating in half the time and for half the cost of the traditional Private Pilot certificate. So climb aboard, take the controls, and launch into new adventures in aviation today.

Private Pilot

Opening up your Horizons,

then Private Pilot is for you!

First Landings Aviation offers Private Pilot flight training in our light sport or standard category aircraft. If you’re a Sport Pilot looking to transition to a Private, we can make the transition easy and affordable. Have your sights set on the Private Pilot certificate? We can help.

A Private Pilot certificate allows you to fly larger aircraft with higher load capacities and faster speeds, and also allows pilots to fly with less stringent visibility minimums and at night. Take the next step and earn your Private Pilot certificate with First Landings Aviation!

Instrument Rating

Upgrade your skills and proficiency…

First Landings Aviation offers Instrument flight training in our light sport and standard category aircraft. If you’re a Private Pilot looking to become a safer more proficent pilot then earning your instrument rating is the next step. Have your sights set on flying in the clouds? We can make that happen.

An instrument rating is one of the more difficult training courses because it demands a higher workload and precise aircraft control with references solely by instrumentation. However it is recommended that every pilot get their instrument rating to become a safer, more experienced pilot while enabling the pilot to utilize the aircraft in more adverse weather conditions.

Commercial Pilot

Take the next step in your pilot career

The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a qualification that permits you to act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft for compensation or hire. If you are seeking a career in aviation, the Commercial Pilot Certificate is a prerequisite for working in the industry. 

Multi-engine add-on

Why fly with only 1 engine when you can have 2?

Multi-Engine rated pilots will experience the remarkable improvement in aircraft performance capability along with an increase in speed, power, and rate of climb. Managing the complexity and workload of a multi-engine aircraft is both exhilarating and rewarding.

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