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First Landings Aviation now offers Instrument flight training in our light sport and standard cateogry aircraft. If you’re a Private Pilot looking to become a safer more proficent pilot then earning your instrument rating is the next step. Have your sights set on flying in the clouds? We can make that happen.



By training in a Light Sport aircraft we can significantly reduce your costs to earn an instrument rating.


You can earn your instrument ratings in as little as 7-days.  Our accelerated program is specially designed to get you done in a safe amount of time.


No longer are clouds going to keep you down.

Instrument Rating

Expand your horizons.

An instrument rating is one of the more difficult training courses because it demands a higher workload and precise aircraft control with references solely by instrumentation. However, it is recommended that every pilot get their instrument rating to become a safer, more experienced pilot while enabling the pilot to utilize the aircraft in more adverse weather conditions. At First Landings Aviation Pilot Center, we will teach you to perfect your skills of instrument flying by flying in actual weather conditions and what factors to consider when making a go/no-go decision. Our instructors have experience in almost all weather conditions and we encourage students to gain that experience with us before attempting it on their own voluntarily or involuntarily. Our aircraft are equipped with both standard instrumentation as well as “glass cockpit” instrumentation that enhances situational awareness. We encourage students to share time in the aircraft while building time to practice Crew Resource Management as well as keep their costs to a minimum.

Years in the Business

Opening in 2009, you can be confident we’ll be around for another 10 years.

Week instrument course

Our accelerated instrument course can be completed in as little as 1-weeks.  Call today to book your program.


Our current fleet of aircraft consist of Tecnam P92 Eaglets, Cessna 172, Cherokee 140, and Tecnam P2006t Twin.

Training Options

How to earn your Instrument Rating

At First Landings we try to cater our training to each individual student.  Depending on your schedule you may be interested in our self-paced training option or our accelerated immersion course.  You have the option to pay as you go or purchase our Private Pilot package and save 10%.  Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.



This course is designed for pilots with a busy lifestyle who want to work on earning their instrument rating. You can schedule your flights as you have availablity. It’s completely up to you how long your program takes. Your costs will vary depending on how much experience you already have.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

Instrument Rating Package

Instrument Rating Package

First Landings Aviation developed this instrument rating course for those serious about adding an instrument rating to their private license, and want to use a slower more in-depth approach. This course assumes the student has a private pilots license and 42 hours of PIC cross country time, including at least 15 hours of simulated or actual instrument time.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

Accelerated Course

Accelerated Course

Our Accelerated Instrument Rating Program is an intensive 7-day course that when you’re finished, you’ll have gained solid experience in the real world of IFR. This course is intended for those serious about adding an instrument rating to their private license, and want to get it done fast and efficiently. This course assumes the student has a private pilots license and 50 hours of PIC cross country time, including at least 25 hours of simulated or actual instrument time. If more time is needed, the student will pay for the normal rental of the aircraft beyond the 15 hours.

NOTE: A $1000 deposit is required to book your training. This course requires complete time commitment and a full 7 days of training, plan to be at our facilities 8 hours per day for flight training, ground school, and studying.

I cant say enough about this school. It is well organized, well equipped and professional. My CFI Andrew was an incredible teacher and a great guy as well. I went through their accelerated program and finished in 14 days. They have a full service center on-site. I found that the planes were all maintained really well and if an airplane ever needed attention or something fixed the mechanic Jose was there literally with a minute or two to take care of it. 
I have looked at a couple of other schools in the past but they cant even come close to First Landings. If you are serious about getting your PPL, Instrument, or Sport Pilot license and you want a great experience this is where you go. Period.

– Chicho Pasticho

Best school ever. Instrument Rating in 6 days.  I will finish my check ride on Monday. All of the instructors are the best. I started with Josh and he moved on and then I was with Joey for the remainder of my flight school. Great instructor. Can not leave without mentioning the rest of the crew. Adam, the owner. Andrew A CFI and their computing, video Guru. Dave, the instructor with every rating you can think of. Jose, the aircraft mechanic who keeps all the wheels on the runway. Could not ask for a nicer group of people. Fair, honest, and forgiving. Oh yeah, now they’ve got where you can take your FAA written exam onsite. Thanks guys and thanks Joey for your patience.

– Bryan Rayburn

I have nothing but good things to say about First Landings Aviation. My instructor, Daniel Connolly, has been able to inculcate the idea that I can be an instrument pilot! He has made me feel very comfortable and confident during my lessons. 
When you go there, you will be met by Jose who is an administrator there. He is very professional and thorough in explaining the pilot programs they offer. 
The owner, Adam, is very approachable and is always available for consultation. If you want your private pilot, instrument, or sport pilot certificate, then this is the school for you!
Five Stars!!.

Serge Rene
Orlando, Florida

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