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We are accepting students to begin an exciting career as a Commercial airline pilot.

Recent data indicates that pilot certification changes have had far-reaching effects on pilot certification levels for commercial and ATP pilots, resulting in flight departments experiencing a shortage of qualified pilots.

First Landings career pilot program prepares students for a variety of rewarding aviation careers.


Immediate Job Openings

Today the demand for pilots is outpacing the rate at which we can teach them.  Current pilot job offers exceed $60k your first year with sign on bonuses.


With connections to the world’s best airlines and programs through our industry contacts, we produce top quality pilots and personnel that exceed commercial airline standards.

0-hour to Commercial Pilot

Our program can take you from hour 0 to your multi engine commercial in as little as 6 months.  After completing the course you have the option to be hired on as a CFI.

Career Pilot Program

We are experts in the aviation training industry.

Are you the type of person that likes to travel to new places, what better way is there to explore the world? Pilots get paid to travel. Working for an airline enables you to travel inexpensively on your time off, enjoying the benefits of free flights and discounts on hotel rooms, rental cars and tour packages.

Being a pilot is not a nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday job. Pilots will have to work nights or weekends from time to time, but they get more time off than a person with a more traditional job. Senior pilots at major airlines can work as few as seven days a month and junior pilots at regional airlines regularly receive schedules with blocks of three to five days off.

Another appealing aspect of a pilot career is the challenge. Piloting an airplane requires a combination of technical knowledge, decision-making skills and hand eye coordination. Pilots find their job very satisfying because this unique requirement for both mental and physical skills provides variety in their work day. It doesn’t hurt that every pilot’s office has the best view in the company, and they never take their work home with them.

An important element of any job is pay. Senior captains flying large airplanes such as the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380 can earn as much as $400,000 a year. Not every pilot receives this kind of pay, but airline captains with ten years of experience make in the area of $150,000+ per year at major airlines and $80,000 per year at regional airlines. Health insurance, life insurance and 401K benefits are typically offered as part of a pilot’s compensation package.

Alumni working as Professional pilots

Since we started our career pilot program we have been a stepping stone for many pilots now flying with the airlines.


Our full-time career pilot program can be completed in as little as 6-months.  If you have the time to dedicate we have the program for you to accelerate your training.


When you graduate you’ll have more than 250 hours of flight time.  When comparing different career pilot programs pay attention to how many hours they include.

Training Options

How to start your career today

Receiving proper training is crucial to a pilot’s success, regardless of the career path a pilot chooses to pursue. Every job interview will test a pilot’s knowledge and flight skills because employers want to hire the most qualified pilot possible. Attending First Landings’ structured, high quality airline pilot training ensures that you receive a solid foundation in all of the fundamentals that make up a well-rounded aviation education. Our students are sought after by flight departments and airlines around the world because they know that our students aren’t just great aviators, they have been trained to be professional pilots.

First Landings recognizes that one size does not fit all. We have programs designed for students that wish to attend the school full time and complete their training in the shortest time possible. Our self-paced program is designed for students who wish to continue working while training and features one-on-one ground school with the same great flight instruction. Both options will get you to your goal.

Self-Paced Career Pilot Course

Self-Paced Career Pilot Course


Our Self-Paced Program is designed for those students that want to gradually transition into an aviation career or who are interested in flying recreationally. You will receive the same great in-aircraft and flight simulation training provided in our accelerated Career Pilot Program, but with more flexibility. one-on-one ground school means that you can study when your schedule permits. Our operation runs 7 days a week, so we can accommodate your schedule for flight and ground training.

Graduates of the Core Module will obtain all licenses and ratings required to become a fully qualified commercial pilot. The Instructor Module enables students to earn their flight instructor ratings, allowing them to increase their experience through flight instruction.

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Accelerated Career Pilot Course

Accelerated Career Pilot Course


The accelerated Career Pilot Program at First Landings Aviation is a full-time path to your pilot career. Once enrolled, you will experience an intense training curriculum that requires daily attendance. Your days will be filled with classroom-based academic ground school and flight instruction in our aircraft.

Graduates of the Core Module will obtain all certifiicates and ratings required to become a fully qualified commercial pilot. The Instructor Module enables students to earn their flight instructor ratings, allowing them to increase their experience through flight instruction.

NOTE: A $10,000 deposit is required when you enroll for your training. This course requires complete time commitment and you should plan to be at our facilities 8 hours per day for flight training, ground school, and studying.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

First Landings was the perfect decision to start my airline career. The fast pace along with the structure made it easy to stay on track and make significant progress. I know some people who started at other schools at the same time and still are working on their instrument ratings while I’m now at a Regional. To anyone who wants to be an airline pilot, I always recommend First Landings.

Blue Skys!
– Mark Gay

“The fast pace setting of First Landings did prepare me for my training at PSA. Going through the program is basically like opening the fire hydrate on full blast and trying to get down as much information in as little time as possible. Very similar to how it is with airline training. Yes, I was able to get to where I am today in the time frame I wanted. I finished the career pilot course in about 7 months. I was happy about that. I started First Landings June of 2015 and by January of 2016 I was a commercial pilot.”

Highly recommend
– Robert “Dick” Stong

“I really appreciated the energy and excitement the instructors showed. I also appreciated the reminder and focus to pass the written test. The instructors constantly said things like this is important….But make sure you focus more on Shepard Air. I did study Shepard Air about a week before showing up. I got a great score on the written and would highly recommend this course to anyone.

I enjoyed the familiar atmosphere. Very professional and fun. The exact environment I’ve learned to love from Aviation. The instructors were from varying backgrounds and had a great insight into the future everyone in my class was starting to pursue.”

– Andy Chung

“I honestly thought the program was great. As a student, if you put in the time and effort you will 100% succeed. You must study and have the drive and determination to do well… you have to be prepared to work hard and you will get the results of success from the program. I used my same study habits and determination to do well through my training in the airlines.”

– Dave Buckman

100% Financing available!

Wondering how to pay for your training?

First Landings has partnered with several financing companies and now can offer you the ability to finance 100% of your flight training for reasonable rates. The application process only takes a few minutes and most applicants have a response within a couple of hours.

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