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Whether you have dreamed of becoming a pilot your entire life or have just recently found a passion for aviation, First Landings can help you get started.

We can provide you with a detailed overview of the opportunities available to you as a Private Pilot or Sport Pilot and we'll assist in connecting you to the necessary tools and training to help you achieve your dream. We also offer accelerated courses as well, allowing you to go at your own pace.

Career pilot training

The Career Pilot course is the quickest and most cost-effective way to begin your pilot career. Enrolling in a comprehensive program and successfully completing the necessary flight training is crucial to initiating your journey toward an airline pilot career.

At First Landings Aviation, our Airline Career Training (ACT) program offers a clear and distinct path to become a Commercial Airline Pilot and our pilot career centre is available at your disposal to help you plot your path to the airlines. New-hire pilot jobs are offering $60,000 or more, what are you waiting for?

International students

First Landings Aviation & Pilots is an approved FAA Certified Part 141 school and able to issue M-1 Visa’s through the Student and Exchange Visa Information Service (SEVIS) program.

We understand that every country has unique aircraft requirements, so First Landings has partnered with other service providers, allowing us to equip you with your optimal country equivalent testing requirements.

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Kick start your aviation experience

The human obsession with flight stems from a refusal to accept limitations and an intense desire to find out which of your neighbors secretly have pools.

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First Landings offers career opportunities for those wanting to become an airline pilot with in-house development programs.

Accelerated programs

Our Accelerated Program is an intensive course that gets you prepared to pass the FAA checkride. First Landings Aviation prepares you to become a safe and competent pilot through our advanced training techniques. All our efforts and yours will concentrate on training you to be a safe, responsible, and experienced pilot.

Private pilot license

The Private Pilot License is the most popular pilot certificate

Private pilot training is the first step towards a career in aviation and allows you to fly anywhere in the world, fly just about any aircraft, carry multiple passengers, and fly at night and in more types of airspace with no distance restrictions. If you’re a Sport Pilot looking to transition to a Private, we can make the transition easy and affordable.

Instrument rating add-on

Earning an Instrument Rating will allow you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions

Expand your capabilities with IFR training to become a more skilled and proficient pilot. Fly through the clouds and in other more demanding conditions safely. An Instrument Rating is usually the next step people take after getting a Private Pilot license, getting them one step closer to the dream career in aviation.

Commercial pilot license

A Commercial Pilot License opens up an exciting journey towards a rewarding career in aviation

The training process of this certificate guides the pilot back to the fundamentals of airmanship, steering away from the demanding aspects of instrument training. This license allows you to earn a living by taking on a multitude of pilot jobs including transporting passengers on flights spanning across the country or around the world. We customize our program to help you earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Multi engine rating add-on

Fly airplanes with more than one engine. Twice the engines, twice the fun

Dozens of students complete our multi-engine program every single month. If you need to get your multi add-on as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is the program for you.


Your Career Our Mission

Certified flight instructor

Become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

The CFI flight training will allow you to teach private and commercial applicants. Obtaining your flight instructor certificate is an exciting opportunity and it’s well worth the effort.

Certified flight instructor - instrument

Add instrument training capabilities to your instructing skills

CFII or Certified Flight Instructor Instrument allows you to teach instrument rating applicants; both on ground (aeronautical knowledge) and flight training.

Certified multi engine instructor

Expand your instruction to include twin engines and more

Adding a Multi-Engine Rating to your Flight Instructor Certificate will allow you to teach in a larger variety of aircraft and provide training for pilots seeking to start a career in aviation.

Time building program

Use real-world scenarios to enhance development of pilot decision-making skills

Prepare for the real world of flying by acting as a commercial pilot while in training. Throughout the syllabus, the time building pilot will take on different tasks or jobs designed to improve critical thinking and flight management skills.

Financing Available!

Wondering how to pay?

First Landings offers financing options with the ability to finance 100% of your flight training for reasonable rates. The application process is fairly quick and most applicants have received short response times. Feel free to ask us questions about our partner financing programs.

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Hear from our clients

“These group of pilots and trainers are professional and experienced. They have a diverse training staff. So whether it’s age, gender, or personality you are seeking then First Landings may be the place for you. As an executive of this firm my schedule is packed. The team here works with me all the time to ensure I have consistent flight time flying the aircraft I prefer. I am satisfied i choose them for my flight instruction. Come and try a discovery flight.“

- Mark Anderson

“I want to thank everyone on the first landings team for everything that they did for me to get me to my private pilots certification. Everyone was great to work with and be around. The energy they bring is awesome. I want to give a special shout out to Sean. I did most of my training with him. This guy knows his stuff! He has experience, professionalism and most of all patience. Awesome instructor.“

- Ryan Gonzalez

“Started my aviation training here and had an amazing experience. I was able to pass my written test and private pilots check-ride on the first attempt for both, due to the amazing training i received. They have very experienced flight instructors there that want to see you strive. The pricing is very reasonable and the aircraft are well maintained. Any issue I found they addressed it right away and get it safely resolved.“

- Bradley Doss
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Certified flight instructor with student

What are you waiting for?

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Want to start exploring your flight training or career track in aviation? Reach out to us and one of our Training Advisors will address any inquiries you may have. We're are here to provide you with comprehensive insights and guide you through the exciting possibilities that aviation training and careers have to offer. Your aspirations are important to us, and we're committed to assisting you every step of the way.