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The Sport Pilot certificate represents a new way to fly that is safe, fun, and more affordable. The Sport Pilot certificate allows those interested in flight to obtain their rating in half the time and for half the cost of the traditional Private Pilot certificate. So climb aboard, take the controls, and launch into new adventures in aviation today.



 A sport pilot certificate requires a minimum of 20 hours of flight time.  This is half of what a Private pilot requires, saving thousands while earning your wings.


Learning to fly is often times hard to fit in our busy schedules. With the creation of the sport pilot certificate it is now easier and less time-consuming to become a pilot.


We all have one thing in common, we love the freedom of flight.  As a sport pilot, nothing is more fun than climbing into the plane and setting out to a new destination.

Sport Pilot

We are experts in the Sport Aviation industry.

First Landings Aviation became Central Florida’s first sport pilot training center in May of 2009.  Since that time we have taught more sport pilots to fly than any other school in the country.  Our alumni come from nearly all 50 states, and several countries around the world.

Years in the Business

Opening in 2009, we have prided ourselves on being the Sport Pilot training destination.

Sport Pilot Alumni

Our alumni come from all over the world, we are proud to have taught more than 20% of all the certificated sport pilots

Percent Passing Rate

Our sport pilot passing rate.  We pride ourselves on training our sport pilots to high standards, creating safe, competant pilots.

Training Options

How to become a Sport Pilot

There’s more than one way to become a Sport Pilot.  At First Landings we try to cater our training to each individual student.  Depending on your schedule you may be interested in our self-paced training option or our accelerated immersion course.  You have the option to pay as you go or purchase our Sport Pilot package and save 10%.  Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.




This course is designed for students with a busy lifestyle who want to make flying a part of it. You can schedule your flights as you have availablity. Make flying your new leisure activity. It’s completely up to you how long your program takes.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

Sport Pilot Package

Sport Pilot Package


First Landings Aviation developed the Sport Pilot package to get you to your FAA Sport Pilot certificate in minimal time. This course will give you the knowledge and experience to earn your certificate and be a safe operating pilot in the aviation world. This package will save you time and money.

Give us a call and talk to one of our training coordinators today.

Accelerated Course

Accelerated Course


Our Sport Pilot Accelerated Program is an intensive 2-week course that gets you prepared to be a certificated FAA Sport Pilot. First Landings Aviation prepares you to become a safe and competant pilot through our advanced training techinques. For 2-weeks all your efforts will concentrate on training you to be a safe, responsible, and experienced Sport Pilot ready to pass the FAA practical test. Our facilities have a luxurious pilot’s lounge and area for students to study and work with each other while here.

NOTE: A $1000 deposit is required to book your 2 weeks of training and your training materials will be shipped to you. Weather is also a factor and may increase the required time to complete your training. This course requires complete time commitment and a full 14 days of training, plan to be at our facilities 8 hours per day for flight training, ground school, and studying.

“I am so grateful that I chose First Landings Aviation for attaining my sport pilot rating. The instructors at First Landings Aviation made my two weeks of intensive flight training a very pleasant experience. The Apopka Airport is a perfect facility to train at. The aircraft that you use for training are new, state of the art designs, that are not only fun and economical to fly, but expose the new aviator to the latest “glass” cockpit and state of the art electronics.

Having had the opportunity to fly with both you and Adam, I can say that you are both great aviators – in addition to being wonderful instructors. I really appreciate the efforts you went to to accommodate my specific training needs. Your training was flexible, comprehensive, and effective.

I plan on passing on the word about First Landings Aviation and look forward to flying with you as often as possible in the future. As you can see in the attached photo, I am very proud of what you allowed me to accomplish!”

Thank you again!
– Ralph Bennett

I have had an Icon A5 light sport airplane on order since 2008. I had been researching sport pilot flight schools and not finding any good options in the Orlando area. I was almost resigned to getting a private pilot license when I ran into Chris and Adam at the Sebring Sport Aviation show. I was impressed with what they were offering and decided to train with them. 

It turned out to be a great decision for a number of reasons. Adam, Chris and now Jaki are great enthusiastic instructors and genuinely great people, that are truly passionate about teaching. They have an efficient professional operation with a big emphasis on safety. The planes are new and meticulously maintained. Scheduling is easy and flexible. The Apopka airport is an ideal location for the school. I have friends that have trained at some of the busier towered airports. They spend much of their time waiting in line to take off and then are limited to the number of touch and goes. At the relatively quiet Apopka airport all your training time is spent focusing on the things that advance your aviation skills.

I was so impressed with First Landings I decided to provide their second plane.

– Dan Washburn

Since I was a kid I had the desire to be a pilot and like many people it was very difficult for me to pay for the lessons. With a household of seven and all of the added expenses I kept on postponing my dream and with a military career that got very busy after 9-11 it was virtually impossible to realize my dream. I retired from the Army in February 2009 and a short time after that I found out about the sport pilot rating.

Like many I am very proud to be one of the many students that Chris and Adam trained to become a pilot, they have the utmost respect for the sport as well as a professional attitude towards the many hurdles that a student must pass before becoming a Sport Pilot. I feel that they have trained me as a PILOT nothing less than that is their commitment to the sport. I do not envy a Private pilot anymore because I feel that the training I got at FIRST LANDINGS Aviation is just as good or better.

Thanks to Chris and Adam I fly with my wife and sometimes with my kids around Florida with the certainty that I got the best training available anywhere in the U.S. This is why today I can say to anyone who may want to earn their wings to fly with the instructors at First Landings Aviation they make this a fun experience as well as affordable like no other. Thanks Guys.

Pablo L. Torres
Orlando, Florida

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