Platinum Flyers Club

The Bravo Busters

The Platinum Flyers Club also known as “The Bravo Busters” is designed to encourage and reduce the costs to fly while providing additional benefits to its members.

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The benefits of joining our Platinum Flyers Club

Our Platinum Flyers Club, “Bravo Busters” is our social flying club for pilots of all levels, our membership includes students as well as certificated commercial pilots.  The Bravo Busters is designed to encourage and reduce the costs to fly while providing additional benefits to its members.  The Bravo Busters is and will always be a fun social flying club.  We come up with a reason to fly, pick an airport, and fly there. Sometimes it’s for training, sometimes it’s purely for adventure, but it’s always fun!

Reduced Rental and Instruction

One of the perks of being in the club is saving $20-$30 per hour on aircraft rental.  There’s no excuse not to get in a couple hours a month or join us on one of our member fly-outs.

In addition to saving on aircraft rental we also discount flight instruction $10/hr.


Free Written Tests

You have to take a written test for every certificate, why not take it for free?

As a member in the club you won’t have to pay for another written test.  Next time you have to take a test just come on in to our testing center and all fees are waived.


Fun Social Events

We all look for a reason to fly.  Whether it’s to increase our skill level or fly-out somewhere for lunch, we share a common passion.  Membership has it’s privileges, exclusive seminars and fly-out events are held throughout the year.

How do I sign up?

So how do you become a Bravo Buster?

First, Congratulations on deciding to join the First Landings Platinum Flyers Club, Bravo Busters.  To become a member, fill out our application and either drop by our office or call our front desk at (407) 886-7612.

Added Benefits

Now that I’ve joined what are my benefits and how do I use them?

So as a member your benefits include the following:

  • Discounted aircraft rental ($20-$30/hr depending on the aircraft)
  • Discounted flight instruction ($10/hr for flight and ground instruction)

Your discounts for both aircraft rental and instruction will be automatically applied whenever you fly.

  • FREE written tests (a $150-$165 savings per test)

Any time you need to take a written test just let us know and all fees are waived.

  • 2 overnights with no hourly minimum

Any time you’d like to take an overnight trip our normal 4 hour minimum per day fee is waived for your first 2 nights.  A savings of over $800.

  • FREE refreshments

Next time you are here flying just let us know you’d like a refreshment and we’ll grab one for you and your guests.

  • Exclusive member flyout events

You’ll be the first to know of any planned flyouts we have.

  • Exclusive member only seminars and pot-luck dinner and desserts

Typically once a month we’ll hold member only seminars on various aviation topics.

Don’t wait to join, call us today or stop by (407) 886-7612


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