I became interested in becoming a sport pilot and began with another school in Orlando prior to switching to First Landings. This was the time that I really began to enjoy learning to fly. Everyone was very friendly and always very kind. I was given the flexibility to schedule my own lessons and chose the instructor that I wanted to fly with. I completed my check ride in December 2013 and remain a loyal customer at First Landings. I average renting an airplane at least once or twice a week–sometimes more and even still fly with my instructor from time to time for fun. If you are looking for a professional flight school that lets you control the pace, lets you pick when and who you want to fly with , and what type of airplane you want to fly, this is the place for you. My only regret in my learning experience is that I wasted my time and money not starting with First Landings from the beginning. I highly recommend.

Darren SussmanSport Pilot

I highly recommend First Landings to anyone who wants to learn how to fly light sport aircraft. The aircraft are in great shape, lovingly maintained and all CFIs are extremely helpful. Their goal is to teach you fundamentals of flight and gain a high level of confidence practicing everything. The guys were very good with their positive feedback to improve my skills. They do everything they can to get you up in the air as much as possible. They are great with being flexible about scheduling hops to fit your calendar. It’s obvious they are all passionate about aviation; it shows in their instructing and coaching.

So, a big shout out to the owner Adam, Jose and CFIs Kyle, Adam and Andy.

Nancy McDonaldSport Pilot

After a 15 year hiatus from flight training I decided it was time to wrap getting a pilot certificate. At first I thought I would shoot for a sport pilot ticket since I already had 20 hours flight time but after a couple of flights I decided I wanted to pick up my private certificate. Flying is like riding a bike, and after just a few months with flying a few times a week I now have my private pilot certificate in hand thanks to First Landings and my instructor Jim Shoemaker. Looking forward to obtaining my IFR certificate with my continued training at FLA.

Nicholas BrownPrivate Pilot

These guys are a class act. Etian is an amazing instructor and the entire staff will go out of their way to make sure you learn all you need to learn to be safe and proficient in the skies. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to learn to fly. Great service, well maintained aircraft, comfortable facilities and a safe and relaxed atmosphere. I certainly will recommend FLA to anyone I come across who is interested in either beginning or furthering their aviation licensing or qualifications.

H. Gruber

I received my private pilot’s license from First Landings. They were professional, accommodating, and engaged through all phases of my flight training. My flight instructor was Devon Kroener and I couldn’t have asked for a better flight instructor to help me achieve all of my goals. With that said, I learned something from ALL of the instructors there as they share ideas and concepts to make you a better pilot. They are safe and very, VERY knowledgeable! More importantly, they each take a personal investment in your success as a student, all the while letting you know that this is just the beginning of so much more that is possible once you achieve your license! I received my flight instruction in the Piper Cherokee (my choice, of course) but all of the planes are kept in great shape! The owner, Adam, makes sure that his Flight Instructors have all of the resources to help their students. So, from top to bottom, First Landings is a first-rate flight school and I couldn’t have imagined going anywhere else to do this!

Ken MichaelsPrivate Pilot

I am so grateful that I chose First Landings Aviation for attaining my sport pilot rating. The instructors at First Landings Aviation made my two weeks of intensive flight training a very pleasant experience. The Apopka Airport is a perfect facility to train at. The Remos G3-600 aircraft that you use for training are new, state of the art designs, that are not only fun and economical to fly, but expose the new aviator to the latest “glass” cockpit and state of the art electronics.

Having had the opportunity to fly with both you and Adam, I can say that you are both great aviators – in addition to being wonderful instructors. I really appreciate the efforts you went to to accommodate my specific training needs. Your training was flexible, comprehensive, and effective.

I plan on passing on the word about First Landings Aviation and look forward to flying with you as often as possible in the future. As you can see in the attached photo, I am very proud of what you allowed me to accomplish!

Thank you again!

Ralph BennettSport Pilot

After meeting with a number of flight schools, I met Chris and Adam. I decided to use First Landings Aviation for my pilot training as I was impressed with their knowledge, equipment and facilities. The training I received from Chris and Adam was top notch. They showed excellent composure throughout my training, giving me the confidence to succeed. Needless to say, I earned my Sport Certificate on the first try. I am continuing to fly with First Landings, looking forward to obtaining my Private Pilot Certificate. I would highly recommend First Landings Aviation to anyone who has an interest in learning to fly.

Dave BowmanPrivate Pilot

Since I was a kid I had the desire to be a pilot and like many people it was very difficult for me to pay for the lessons. With a household of seven and all of the added expenses I kept on postponing my dream and with a military career that got very busy after 9-11 it was virtually impossible to realize my dream. I retired from the Army in February 2009 and a short time after that I found out about the sport pilot rating.

Like many I am very proud to be one of the many students that Chris and Adam trained to become a pilot, they have the utmost respect for the sport as well as a professional attitude towards the many hurdles that a student must pass before becoming a Sport Pilot. I feel that they have trained me as a PILOT nothing less than that is their commitment to the sport. I do not envy a Private pilot anymore because I feel that the training I got at FIRST LANDINGS Aviation is just as good or better.

Thanks to Chris and Adam I fly with my wife and sometimes with my kids In the Remos or the Piper Sport around Florida with the certainty that I got the best training available anywhere in the U.S. This is why today I can say to anyone who may want to earn their wings to fly with the instructors at First Landings Aviation they make this a fun experience as well as affordable like no other. Thanks Guys.

Pablo L. TorresPrivate Pilot