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Affordable, achievable and fun. Sport Pilot is for you!

The Sport Pilot license represents a new way to fly that is safe, fun, and more affordable. The Sport Pilot license allows those interested in flight to obtain their rating in half the time and for half the cost of the traditional Private Pilot certificate. So climb aboard, take the controls, and launch into new adventures in aviation today.

Sport Pilot Program Options:

Self-Paced Hourly Instruction

This course is designed for students with a busy lifestyle who want to make flying a part of it. You can schedule your flights as you have availablity. Make flying your new leisure activity. You can expect to spend around $3500-$4500 on your training. It's completely up to you how long your program takes.

  • Train at your own pace
  • Minium Flight Hours................20 Hours
  • Minimum Flight Instruction....15 Hours
  • Sport Pilot Written Test
  • Sport Pilot Practical Test
  • Hourly rate dual $160-170/hour
  • Hourly rate solo $100-110/hour

Sport Pilot Package - $3649

First Landings Aviation developed the Sport Pilot package to get you to your FAA Sport Pilot license in minimal time. This course will give you the knowledge and experience to earn your Sport Pilot license and be a safe operating pilot in the aviation world. This package will save you time and money; we've discounted the hourly rate of the plane and instruction.

  • Train at your own pace
  • Flight Hours included................20 Hours
  • Flight Instruction included........15 Hours
  • Ground School included...........10 Hours
  • The Sport Pilot Kit with all your books and materials are included

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Accelerated Sport Pilot Program - $4199

Our Sport Pilot Accelerated Pilot Program is an intensive 2-week course that gets you prepared to be a licensed FAA Sport Pilot. First Landings Aviation prepares you to become a safe and competant pilot through our advanced training techinques. You will arrive at First Landings Aviation having studied for and ready to take the FAA sport pilot written test. Upon passing the written test all your efforts will concentrate on training you to be a safe, responsible, and experienced Sport Pilot ready to pass the FAA practical test. Our facilities have a luxurious pilot's lounge and area for students to study and work with each other while here.

NOTE: A $500 deposit is required to book your 2 weeks of training and your training materials will be shipped to you. Weather is also a factor and may increase the required time to complete your training. This course requires complete time commitment and a full 14 days of training, plan to be at our facilities 8 hours per day for flight training, ground school, and studying.

  • Flight Hours included................20 Hours
  • Flight Instruction included........15 Hours
  • Ground School included...........10 Hours
  • The Sport Pilot Kit with all your books and materials are included
  • Includes the FAA Practical test fee

The Sport Pilot package is no guarantee of a license, some people may find that they require more than the minimum times required by the FAA. With our highly skilled instructors and our proprietary training program we will help you to finish in a minimum amount of time.

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So what is involved in learning how to fly?

To qualify for the Sport pilot certificate there are certain requirements to meet.

The major elements of your training will include the following:

Preparation for your written knowledge exam

You will study for and pass a 40-question written test that will include basic aviation knowledge.  You can take your test at any time during your training, and the test results will remain valid for two years after the date of the exam.

Dual Instruction

This is the fun part, during which you will take the controls of the airplane and fly with an instructor in our Remos or Piper aircraft as you learn how to control the airplane and perform flight maneuvers.  A minimum of 15 hours of dual instruction is required to obtain your Sport Pilot certificate.

Obtaining your Student Pilot Certificate

Your Student Pilot Certificate will be issued by the FAA, and you are required to have this document prior to solo flights.  First Landings Aviation will assist you in acquiring your certificate from a local FAA branch office.

Solo Flights

Touching down softly after your first solo flight is a feeling unlike any other you have experienced.  All pilots vividly recall the details of their first solo flight, as it is a memory that lasts forever.  When your instructor feels you are up to the task, he will climb out of the airplane and set you free to fly on your own.  You will fly solo for at least five hours during your training.

Cross-Country Flights

Cross-country flights allow you to explore new places and make full use of your pilot certificate.  You will learn navigation techniques and cross-country planning methods under instructor supervision, and will be fully capable to complete your solo cross country flight to another airport.  The solo cross-country flight is truly a milestone in your flight training progress.

The Check Ride

Once the minimum requirements for a Sport Pilot license are completed, and your flight instructor is satisfied that training is complete, you will need to pass an oral and flying exam known as the “checkride.”  This practical test will involve an oral examination during which the FAA-appointed examiner will discuss important points and look for your understanding of basic aviation principles and flying regulations.  Once you pass the oral, the examiner will fly with you in the aircraft you have trained in, evaluating your ability to perform basic flight maneuvers in a safe manner.  Once the flying portion is passed (and you will pass it), you are given your very own Sport Pilot certificate.  From there, you are free to roam the skies on your own, with or without a passenger.

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