Steps: Become A Pilot

  • First Landings Aviation offers a wide array of training options to get you from your first lesson all the way though your commercial pilot certificate. Scroll through the tabs below to see the entire process in action!

Your First Flight


$69.99 - $179.99

Our discovery flights take you soaring as an instructor teaches you the basics about flying. Get up in the air and learn the fundamentals to help prepare you for the exciting experience of flight training!

Sport Pilot Package


STARTING AT: $3,867.54

For most students flying for recreation, the Sport Pilot Package includes everything you need to become a Pilot -- in the easiest, most affordable way possible.


Private Pilot Package


STARTING AT: $7,140.83

Fly for fun or start off towards your career. The Private Pilot Package is the gateway to a life full of aviation. Get everything you need to pass your FAA Private Pilot Checkride in one package price.

Instrument Rating Training


STARTING AT: $6,999.60

The Instrument Rating expands the professionalism, experience, and confidence of pilots. Being able to safely fly in instrument conditions opens up a world of new experiences. Our Instrument Training Package can add-on an Instrument Rating to your existing Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Certificate for much less than the industry average.

50 Hour Time-Building Package


$4750 + Tax

Every professional pilot needs to build time. This package allows you to do so in a week and a half at a below-industry-average cost.

- Exclusive use of an aircraft for ten days.

- Includes 10 days of housing.

- Transportation to the airport available.


100 Hour Time-Building Package


$9349 + Tax

Need a lot of time quickly? In three weeks, you can log 100 hours of flight time at an amazing rate. Fly around the southeast for twenty-one days and enjoy all the sights of the Florida coastline!

- Exclusive use of an aircraft for three weeks.

- Includes 21 days of housing.

- Transportation to the airport available.

Commercial Pilot Package


Starting At: $12,925.98

Learn to fly like a professional. In our Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Program, you'll take your passion into career mode. Learn to fly technically complex, fast, mutli-engine airplanes and advance your future to the flight-levels.