Soar with the Best

First Landings Aviation became Central Florida’s first sport pilot training center in May of 2009. Since then, First Landings Aviation has grown into a successful training center that focuses on our client’s unique training needs. At First Landings, you’re not a number — we do our absolute best to make sure every student’s training program is individually customized.

We specialize in Sport Pilot and Private Pilot through Commercial/CFI training. Importantly, our instructors are not freshly certified pilots looking to build time. We are longtime aviation enthusiasts with a passion for teaching.  Our seasoned instructors (BIOS) have thousands of hours of instruction experience. 

Safe, Fun, and Affordable Training

First Landings Aviation is a community-centered school interested in the goals of each and every student. Whether you’re learning to fly for fun and excitement or you’re seeking a private license with more advanced ratings – we are your complete resource. With thousands of fights taken, we’ve built our business on treating hundreds of satisfied customers with respect.

Sport Pilot vs. Private Pilot License

The training you choose will depend on what you plan to use your pilot’s license for in the future.   The Sport Pilot’s License is a great way to get launched in aviation because it’s less expensive and easier to acquire than a Private Pilot’s License.  While the sky’s the limit with a Private License, you may see beauty and value in the fact that you could quickly get a Sport License now, and wait to obtain that Private License after you have some flying under your belt.

Contact us to discover additional benefits of choosing First Landings Aviation and learn more about our well-maintained and our diversified aircraft fleet.

Sport Pilot vs. Private Pilot

Age To Solo1616
Age To License1717
Minimum Total Flight Time20 Hours40 Hours
Typical Total Flight Time27 Hours66 Hours
Flight Time with Instructor - Dual15 Hours20 Hours
Solo Flight Time5 Hours10 Hours
Cross-Country Flight Time - Dual2 Hours3 Hours
Cross-Country Flight Time - Solo1 Flight, 75+ Miles, 2 Airports5 Hours, 1 Flight, 150+ Miles, 3 Airports
Night Flight TimeNA3 Hours
Written ExamYesYes


Requires FAA Medical CertificateNo - USA Drivers License & Self-CertifyYes
AircraftLight Sport Aircraft Only - 1,320 lb. MAX with 2 seats.Almost any Single-Engine Aircraft.
Number of Passengers1No Limit
Night FlyingNot AllowedAllowed