Sport Pilot Flight Instructor

Share the experience and teach someone how to fly!

Overview: The Sport Pilot Flight Instructor Course focuses on the fundamentals of instruction for Sport Pilot Students. This course gives the student an opportunity to practice and hone their teaching skills and helps them gain a deeper understanding of previous courses. This certificate allows you to give flight and ground instruction, endorse Sport Pilot Students to take practical and written exams, and give flight reviews.

Enrollment Prerequisites: The student must have either a Sport Pilot License or a Private Pilot License. To be eligible for the exam, the student must log at least 150 hours of flight time as a pilot, 100 of which must be as PIC (pilot in command) in powered aircraft, 50 of which must be in a single engine airplane, 25 of which must be cross-country flight time (10 cross-country in a single-engine airplane), and 15 hours which must be as PIC of a single-engine airplane that is a light sport aircraft.

Flight Training:

  • Introduction to flight from the right seat
  • Emphasis on fundamentals of instructing
  • Pre and post flight procedures and briefings
  • Airport  operations
  • Takeoffs & landings from the right seat
  • Fundamentals of flight & performance maneuvers
  • Emergency & special operations

Ground Training:

  • Learning process
  • Elements of effective teaching
  • Student evaluation and testing
  • Course development
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom training technique

Sport Pilot CFI Program - $3649

What's included with the Sport Pilot CFI Accelerated Program:

  • 15 hours of flight time in one of our Light Sport Aircraft
  • 15 hours of flight instruction from a certified flight instructor
  • 15 hours of ground school
  • A Sport Pilot CFI kit with all your required books and materials

Required for Sport CFI- 150hrs Total flight time, 100hrs PIC powered aircraft, 50hrs ASEL, 25hrs X-country, 10hrs x-country ASEL, 15hrs PIC LSA.

With any of our programs you may need more time than the minimums to complete your license. If that is the case, additional time may be purchased hourly. Also note that not included is, tax, your medical exam cost, FAA written test, airfare, and lodging.



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