Watch Your Dreams Take Flight!

Our team is ready to help you find and purchase the plane of your dreams.  With a trusted reputation since launching in 2009, First Landings Aviation has successfully appraised, bought, sold, and brokered a wide array of planes and aircraft.  As authorized dealers of Tecnam and the supplier of other general aviation aircraft, we can offer aviation enthusiasts a full array of products and services, including:

  • Flight Training in your Aircraft
  • High-Quality Inspections
  • Streamlined Purchasing Process
  • Financing
  • Purchase Resale Value
  • Guaranteed Buyback
  • Leasebacks

At First Landings Aviation, we offer a diversified aircraft fleet, including a range of plane styles and options.  From flight characteristics to control strength and visibility, we are equipped to connect you with the ideal aircraft for flight training or travel. Our sales team is fully prepared to advise you in any steps of the purchase, from technical questions to finance.  In addition Tecnam models, our sales expertise ranges from popular Cessna aircraft, to a complex Piper Arrow, to a variety of other models.